Replicate South Devon Primary

South Devon Primary is sharing its political primary model for free with other suitable constituencies. Our aim is to help defeat the Conservatives in otherwise safe seats. Implemented widely across the UK, this model has the potential to significantly increase the number of seats taken by the progressive parties.
For groups interested in replicating South Devon Primary in our target seats, we'll give you:
  • A tailored copy of the South Devon Primary website, connected to a new Mailchimp account to collect signups
  • Tailored copies of all our graphics for leaflets, banners, bumper stickers, T-shirts, logo, social media banners and our democracy-meter.
  • A flat-pack guide - step-by-step guidance to avoid re-investing the wheel
  • Support over zoom to help you get up and running fast
Our targets are based on predictions from Election Maps UK and Electoral Calculus. UK seats are categorised according to degree of suitability for a Primary. This is a desktop review only, which does not take into account complex local factors.
We think the Primary model ought only to be used where the Conservatives are likely to win. We do not consider it appropriate to run a primary where a progressive candidate already has a strong chance of defeating the Conservatives.
We have neither the resources nor the local knowledge needed to make a full assessment of Primary suitability for any particular seat. For that reason, we have decided to make our entire Primary model open source, which means making all our design rights freely available under a Creative Commons licence CC BY-NC. You can download and use any of the files in the following folder for running a Primary in your constituency in accordance with our core principles.
Core Principles
  • The Primary should only be replicated where the Conservatives are otherwise likely to win on a minority of the vote and there is ambiguity over which progressive challenger to unite behind.
  • We will only provide assistance to groups in our target seats.
  • Primary organising groups must be seen to be impartial - either independent and unaffiliated to parties OR having all three parties represented.