Community-led political primaries around the UK to unite the progressive majority in safe Conservative seats at the coming election

Let's be clever and vote together
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"This simple, local idea, which enhances our trust in each other, could transform our political system"

Primaries around the UK

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Interested in finding out how to run a Primary? We are sharing everything we've created for South Devon Primary for free.

Is your constituency in our target list of seats still likely to return a Conservative MP despite there being a majority behind the three progressive parties? Check our target map. If so, please sign up for more info, and let us know if you’re ok with us sharing your details with others in your area looking to set up a Primary.

The recent boundary review has changed many constituencies: find out if yours has changed by entering your postcode at Electoral Calculus.

If your seat isn't in our target list and you think it should be (or vice-versa), please contact us at

The Labour and Lib Dem candidates have prohibited their candidates from participating in any new primaries. But our fantastic colleagues at East Wight Primary have adapted our model to work without the candidates. They will act as a neutral broker, summarising the candidates output to supporters, and then hold a single vote nearer the election once the candidates are known and the manifestos out. We are excited about this new approach. Though it's a shame not to be able to question the candidates, the new model will be cheaper and simpler to run, and won't need anyone's permission. Communities can still stage a fair and transparent vote to unite the progressive vote around a single candidate. More detail to be announced soon.

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